Keynote Presentation
“Forget Inquiry, let’s grow learners!”

Trevor Bond

Inquiry learning has become a very messy field with conflicting ideas and approaches. Many schools seem to be going in continuous circles with inquiry and struggle to get to a point where they are really happy with what they are doing. Perhaps it is time to move away from the confusion of Inquiry Learning and focus on learning itself!

Presenter Background:
Trevor has used computers in the classroom as a tool to enhance learning ever since he managed to get his hands on his first computer, the very powerful Commodore 64, in 1984.
He spent 2 years as ICT adviser with School Support Services (University of Waikato) and has been co-director of an ICTPD cluster. He has facilitated for 3 clusters and worked in some capacity with about 12 ICT PD clusters.
Although he sees ICT as providing very powerful tools for the effective teacher, he firmly believes that the real magic comes from how the teacher utilises the tools, and supports students in using the tools for learning.