Here are some resources for our cluster on informing our communities.

Everglade School Blog evening for parents:
This term (Thursday March 10th) we organised a parents blog evening. The evening was designed to inform our community about blogs. We shared ideas about why we have selected blogs as opposed to static websites. We also shared the different roles within blogging, discussed ways to make formative comments and showed examples of current classroom blogs.

Everglade Blog Promo
We had our junior and senior discos last Friday. (April 1st) We set up 6 laptops and colour posters in the foyer to promote our classroom blogs as parents came through to drop their children off. Parents were able to view to blogs, learn how to comment and talk to Nikki and I about the blogs. We also had colour posters with screen shots of the different classroom blogs up. These grabbed parents attention and we then grabbed the parents! We also had A5 handouts with the screen shots and the web address. We felt this went very well and are planning to follow this up with more letters home and the colour posters displayed around the school.IMG_0343.JPG

Everglade Blog posters
The eLeaders created individual class blog poster which highlight features of these blogs and the blog address. These have been desgined to promote blogging within the school and to encourage parents to post comments and keep up to date with what is happening in their child's classroom.

Reremoana School Cybersaftey Wiki:

We have begun developing a cyber safety wiki which is to be a hub for parents to go to with resources and information about cyber safety. It is a work in progress and has not been shared with parents yet. We plan to have a cyber safety evening/afternoon at some point during the year where this will be rolled out.

The address is as follows;