Cluster Leadership Minutes 28/10/10
Everglade School 1.30- 3.30
Present: Nick Rate (National ICT PD facilitator) Wendy (Projec t director)
Viki, Vicky, Pelu, John, Heath, Nathalie, Rachel, Lynn, Lisa, Angela

Feed back from National facilitator about purpose of his visit to each of the cluster schools
· Get a feel for each school and their involvement in the cluster
· discussion with principal/e-leaders about successes and challenges in their first yr of the contract
· What next for their school and ideas for future cluster goals
Nick caught up with thoughts from principals that were not able to meet on the visit day due to prior commitments (Reremoana- Viki and Waiuku – Vicky)
Milestone Reporting

CLT reviewed the draft milestone report written by the e-leaders team
CLT given the opportunity for questions/ comments/ suggestions to be made

Next step: All Principals to go through the Milestone Report (shared in Google Docs) by end of Wk 4 Frid Nov 5 to view their school comments and alter/ add to as needed

Section 2.2.4 “Provide a brief report on the progress of each school”

Next step: Al l principals are asked to contribute to this part of the Milestone report
· Reflective Question prompts ( x5) are listed on this page of the document
· The e-leaders from some schools have already written comments under each of these headings as a starting point for the principals.

· The principal from each school now needs to review these statements and add to/ amend etc as needed
· Please keep to format the other schools have used
eg question prompt first as a heading, then relevant comments written underneath

· Note ½ page maximum.

Survey for Principals, Project directors and facilitators
All Principals, Project directors and facilitators are asked to complete the “Milestone online survey” before our milestone report is submitted.
PCS to get Stuart Hale to complete.
The link to this survey (which takes about 10 mins) is under 2.2.6 in the Milestone document
It was also emailed to Principals by Project director on 15/10/10

Some Amendments to goals comments
· Some schools have commented on ICT items purchased in the goal area of the Milestone report.
· Please just write a general statement here about any purchasing (under the goal referring to Strategic Planning)
· Specific purchases may be noted under the 2.2.4 comment area completed by principals
( wiith help from e-leaders)

Facilitators- Milestone bits
Stephen and Stuart to write a brief paragraph about their in school role in the section 2.2.2
“Report on Programme Implementation” (PCS to check that Stuart completes this asap)

For the Milestone documentation
· All schools to submit their Term 3 invoices asap
(Template previously emailed to schools on 21/9 and 26/10)
· Email to Project director or directly to cluster finance manager, John Robinson
To date only 2 schools have completed this for Term 3

An up to date cluster finance position will be shared once all the outstanding invoices are submitted

· Term 4 TRD invoices- a template to be issued asap
· Principals to fill in expected TRDs for term 4 and send in straight away please
· This information is also needed for the Milestone budgeting/ reporting

Call back day 2011- 29 July 2011- the last Frid of the holidays
· A possible cluster call back day was discussed and minuted at the CLT Admin meeting on 17 Sept (Ramarama 8.30-10.30 am)
· Minutes emailed to all CLT team on 20/9
· All schools were asked to pencil in this date for a possible cluster mini conference/ workshops/ sharing time etc
· The content/ format of this day has not been decided on as yet
· Principals may wish to alert staff to this

Staff e-learning survey

At the CLT admin mtg (17/9) the CLT group decided that an end of yr survey is to be completed by all schools by the end of wk 7
We will be using the same Survey Monkey template from the baseline survey completed earlier in the yr
Cluster funded Rachel’s release to make a few wording changes to the survey. Rachel to advise each school when it is ready for use.

Schools to review own data from this survey – information can be used to help identify school / cluster needs for 2011.
Schools can share information from their survey at the e-leader/ CLT meeting Mon 28 Nov

Travel claim
Discussion held on schools claim for travel for attendance at e-leader, CLT meetings.
For attendance at cluster related events eg e-leader meetings, CLT meetings etc

The following guidlelines are effective for 1st Oct 2010
· e-leaders and CLT members may claim the difference between HOME to SCHOOL and school to cluster event and the cluster event to home…. ( if going to school first)
· If your home is within 10kms of the event no claim can be made

· Cluster leaders cannot claim the first 10kms of travel (as per the primary relief teacher schedule)

· Claims cannot be made where cluster transport is arranged eg conferences, e tours

· Schools should invoice the cluster each term – only one invoice per school.
It will be up to each individual school to reimburse the cluster participants
Any you are unsure / need more clarification contact John- Everglade ( finance fundholder)

Variance Document
CLT meeting at PCS on Wed 3 Nov 8.30-3.00
Prior to this session CLT members to have reviewed the new goals and thought about possible
· Cluster goals
· Success indicators

This will cut down the actual fact to face time needed to complete this document

The variance document has now been shared with all CLT (google doc)
· Principals to fill in the “Scope of Cluster” table pg 4 of Variance document

Identifying Roles for 2011

To provide clarity about the roles of all cluster personnel it was suggested by the National Facilitator that we include roles / descriptors in our Variation document pg 5

Our initial contract included identified key tasks for
· Project director
· Facilitator
· Financial Manager

We could now include specific tasks/ expectations for
· e-leaders
· Principals

All CLT to think about what these could include
Examples given by National Facilitator / used by other clusters are…….

· attend all e-leader meetings/ workshops
· share examples of best practice within your school and cluster
· lead or assist in school professional development
· axctively model reflective thinking
· provide in school support, training and guidance
· contribute to cluster and school wikis, blogs, websites etc
· contribute to milestone reporting

· Take an active role in CLT workshops
· Leading discussions
· sharing best practice
· sourcing resources and opportunities for professional development
· Reflect and evaluate on cluster goals
· Report on e-learning achievements within their school
· Lead development of communication and partnership with community and whanau
· Actively model e-learning
· Attend all cluster sessions
· Support the cluster goals through mentoring, providing teacher release and budgeting
· Contribute to milestone reporting

Reminder of up coming dates- see table below


Writing the Variance
Bring copy of Contract, Variance and any notes you have made about new cluster goals, indicators

Ideas/ thoughts about how we will facilitate next yr

Red Beach
Bus leaves Everglade 7.15
Reremoana going by private car

CLT and e-leaders
( already booked)

21st Century Learning
See conference notes


Camelot Arms
Great Sth Rd Papatoetoe

Professional discussion time
Sharing and samples of

· Inquiry Model
· School Learning Models
· Strategic planning

(See detailed notes)
Principals will be asked to lead these sessions



and new e-leaders for 2011
(Max of 4x people form each school)
Facilitators- Stuart / Stephen invited for lunch
1-2 pm

Debrief for 2010
Look at survey results ( end of yr)

Organization for 2011

CLT to contribute ideas for this day ( an email will be sent regarding this shortly)