CLT Minutes Wed May 5

Present : John Wendy Viki Vicky Lynn Rachel Heath Nadine Pelu Angela
Stephen (Facilitator) Nick Rate (National Facilitator)
Venue : Everglade School 9.15am – 2.15pm

Welcome to Nick who is joining us for 1 of 2 allocated face to face visits in 2010
Nick outlined his role and involvement in our cluster.
Cluster goals
Discussion of the first year goals / progress of individual schools between each e-leader and their own principal. This focused around implementing their Inquiry learning professional development and l Ict strategic planning.
Milestone 1
The process for Milestone reporting and feedback was outlined by Nick (National facilitator)
Discussion on each of our cluster goals and success indicators to be reported on for Milestone 1
Review and editing of Cluster wide comments (written by Cluster facilitator and Project director prior to the meeting)
Discussion on the need for evidence to support each of the statements
Document to be saved as a Google doc so individual schools can add their own reflections and information. To be done by Thursday May13 so Wendy and Stephen can finish draft document. Document to be in to National facilitator by May 21.

Strategic Planning
Discussion about components of planning for ICT – use of the baseline survey to guide the Professional development and purchasing needs. Each school may format their strategic plans in different way. The cluster mid year goal is to have draft strategic plans in place. Schools to place copies of their ICT strategic plans on the cluster wiki as a reference for each others. Stephen to set up place on wiki.

National Standards
Nick Rate led a professional discussion about how each schools is implementing the National Standards- barriers/ challenges/ successes. This was a time to share ideas and discuss any issues.

Online Resources
Nick outlined a variety of online professional resources for use with ICT PD programmes to support our cluster. Nick will email all the relevant information and links to us.
Audio conferences- this form of communication will be available for the cluster to use during the contract - Secure access passwords will be given. This should give us more time to have discussions without the need for cluster members to travel as much.
ICT PD online- a wonderful online resource- cluster members will need their Learning@school conference password to access this site.

Up coming dates- Discussion about the various conferences during the year. We have not budgeted for U Learn this year. Discussion held about the value of taking more staff to conferences and the importance of them having particular focus areas. Reminder to all conference attendees to add reflection to cluster wiki asap.

Finances- Nick and John (Lead school Principal) clarified reporting on finances for Milestone 1.

ICT PD rubric- School self review rubric done initially for the contract application. The rubric format has been updated with room for each school to list their name under the appropriate cell. Schools in out cluster to go back and fill in where they were in the beginning. Wendy to email out format.
Schools to place on wiki. (Stephen to set up area on wiki)

Modules 2010
Cluster members given the opportunity to view the ICT PD Modules.
The latest 3 week module is starting soon- topic- “Digital Citizenship” These modules can be used anytime and are archived for future use.
If you want to join in online discussions you need to do them while the module is live. See link from Nick. Excellent resources for staff ICT PD.

Discussion about the updated digistore. Suggested that each school look at sending their e-leaders to the up coming ½ day workshop run by Fiona Grant. E-leaders will need to register on Fiona’s wiki.
Wendy to send information.

Ed talks
Short, sharp, succinct videos of educationalist giving their views on specific topics-good for use with ICT PD programmes

Cluster launch
Admin details about the cluster launch discussed
· Presentations
· Sponsors
· Raffles
· Supper

Working time
Cluster leadership team (CLT) given time to work together and share information on Strategic Planning or their PD programme (optional)