Step 1
Use the form below to make your online booking
(not open until Friday morning 3/6/11, as advised)

Step 2
Click and pull down "1" beside "e-wrapper Registration" at the top of the the list

Step 3
Click on each workshop title and select "1" place for yourself
The biggest number in the box tells you how many places are left (max of 10)
Trevor Bond workshops have a capactiy of 30 participants.

Step 4
Once you have registered and selected your 3 workshops go to the next page
You will need to fill in your contact details and workshops (you dont have to type in your workshops- use the drop down arrows)
Once finished click Complete

Step 5
You will receive an email with a PDF attachment (almost straight away)
Print out the PDF document (it will have your Registration and workshop pages (4 in total)
Please bring them all to the conference.

We may need to cancel a workshop if attendance numbers are too low.

Bookings will be open until 4pm FRIDAY 10 JUNE