Cluster Meeting Minutes
Learning@School Conference

Venue : 313 Fenton Lodge, Rotorua 7.00pm
Chair: John Minutes: Wendy
Principals: John Viki Vicky Pelu Heath Facilitator :Stephen
Lead teachers: Lynda Nadine Angela Alex Nathalie Rachel Lisa
Meeting began: 7.10pm

Official contract has been signed off by MOE and returned to Lead school for filing.

Calendar: allocation of each school’s in school facilitation days discussed
Each school was given a breakdown of “term entitlements”-these are indicative of each schools entitlement for each term –however schools may negotiate swaps and sharing of days to suit their needs.

Term 1 dates previously agreed upon will remain as they are.
Vicky wondered if we could change “contingency” days around. Unfortunately this was not possible as they were timetabled to tie in with writing Cluster milestones (June / Nov).
Stephen will be working on these with the Project Director / CLT as applicable.

It was decided that the other calendar dates would be looked at during the CLT workshop next week

Stephen Gordon
Cluster team welcomed Stephen Gordon (Team Solutions ICT Facilitator for e-wrapper cluster)
Stephen outlined his previous ICT involvement/ teaching experience
Stephen will facilitate ALL full Cluster events- CLT workshops, e-leaders workshops, e-tours, cluster launch. As mentioned in previous minutes PCS will be taking part in these sessions. They will be using a separate facilitator for in school work.

Conference claims
John explained invoicing and conference claims.
Everglade(Lead school) has created an invoice for schools to submit for claims

1 claim per school
“Actual” return trip distance x km rate (see PTCA)
Schools may choose to subdivide their travel claim amount at their discretion.
See notes in CLT Minutes emailed to all schools 12.02.10

Food/ Accommodation ( for cluster funded attendees)
See CLT Minutes emailed 12.02.10

Reminder: claims can only be made for actual expenses for “Cluster Funded attendees”
See “Financial summary” pg 4 -discussed in detail at CLT February 11 (all Principals present)
CLT Minutes sent to all schools February 12

Everglade will send a blank template to each school asap
ALL claims to be submitted by March 8.
If claims are submitted by the due date they will be paid out to schools by March 20.
GST receipts must be included with all claims

End of Term claims
Please submit claims by March 31 as per page 4 “Financial Summary” 11.02.10 (PCS / Everglade only-template will be sent for this)

All 5 schools should submit their TRD “invoice” (i.e breakdown) for Term 1 at the same time.
A template for this will be sent also.

In subsequent terms dates and requirements will be advised.

Cluster Leadership Workshop No 1 Theme “Unwrap the Map”
· All Principals
· 1 Lead teacher per school
· Project Director
· External facilitator (Stephen Gordon)

Cluster Leadership Workshop
Date : Mar 3 Time: 9.15- 2.30 Venue: EVERGLADE SCHOOL

Lunch & morning tea will be provided
Principals: Please bring your diaries and a copy of the “Cluster Contract”

Please bring
· Any Inquiry models currently being used
· School/ Team yearly programme overviews ( this will give Stephen an overview of what schools are currently doing / planning to do)
· Be prepared to discuss areas for Professional Development, especially for the CLTeam
eg Strategic planning, infrastructure issues, LMS.portfolios?????

· Please bring your laptop

See CLT workshop Agenda below…….

Cluster Leadership Workshop Agenda March 3

1.Cluster 2010 Goals (bring cluster document)

2.Teacher Inquiry

3.Cluster Wiki

4.Challenges/ Barriers

5. Inquiry timeline

6.2010 Programmes
· e-leaders network
· in school facilitation

7. Cluster Launch- Bring ideas / visions etc

8. General Professional Items
· Milestone reporting
· Reflections from Conference ( please be prepared to share new learning and discuss concepts for further cluster development)

9. Cluster Admin
· Financial/ Conference / Invoices
· Any other business
· Confirmation of Calendar

Great to be underway at last!
We’ve started “unwrapping” the road map
Our e-journey begins….. J

Wendy & John