Cluster Leadership Team

CLT/ e-leaders Combined

Date: wk 6 June 9
Venue: E-tour “Newmarket Primary School”

Attendees: All Principals and ALL e-leaders that attended Learning@School are invited to attend

Pre visit requirement : All staff attending need to have gained their “White Star” on the “Superclubs Plus” programme.

Focus Topic:
Cyber safety
“Superclub Plus”(Digital Citizenship)

9.00 Tour Newmarket School

11.00 Bus leaves Newmarket, returning to

11.45 Debriefing/ follow up discussion/ future
actions / implications for schools/cluster

1.30 Netsafe
Guest speaker: Netsafe Nancy Groh
What are the issues for students/teachers/ parents?
What resources are available?

Digital citizenship resources for schools -
Hectors World for 2-9 year olds -
Cybersafety advice for New Zealand -
Nethui- shaping the future of the net -