Cluster Leadership Mtg1 2011

Combined Cluster leadership/ e-leaders workshop
March 18
Venue: Waiuku School
Guest facilitator: Andrew Churches
Theme: Digital Citizenship
Attendees: Waiuku (Rachel, Vicky) Reremoana (Viki, Lisa, Kate, Michelle)Everglade (Wendy, John, Nathalie, Nikki) PCS (Angela, Alex) Ramarama (Heath, Nadine,Muriel)
Agenda and Outline

1. The Digital Citizen
• What is the digital citizen?
• Putting the digital citizen into context
• What is digital citizenship?

Guidelines and explanations
• looking after yourself
• looking after Others
• looking after Property

What are the criteria for each of these?
• Implementation – create a personalized set of “Digital citizenship guidelines for each school

(write in child speak)