e-Wrapper Minutes
Date: November 3 2010
Present: Wendy, Natalie, Lisa, Viki, Rachel, Vicki, John, Angela, Heath, Pelu, Nadine



Capacity and Sustainability

Strategic Planning

Cluster Skill Sharing

Calendar Schedule


Conference Attendance
How much/how often
4x Learning @Schools
3x U-Learn Conferences
Principals have to attend one. Senior e-leaders have the opportunity to attend both.

Term 4 predicted schedule need to go to John by next Tuesday.
Term 4 everybody needs to send in a cash invoice - extras that were put out for attending the extra sessions.
PCS needs to complete invoice for Stuart
Everglade needs to invoice for Lead Teacher.
Use the e-Wrapper Invoice and Heath will circulate.
.5 ($128 +GST) and 1 ($156 +GST)
Monday 29th each School claims 3 TRD $768 +GST
Invoice for extras $1058 and Waiuki
Choice - Schools can make changes to variance re: TRD

In Variance need to discuss that we thought we could not go to all the Conferences.
Transport costs - based on if someone has to drive further than their normal cost of getting to work -10km each way. How do we want to invoice for this? Carpooling where possible. One claim per school per event claim “difference” in travel. This cost for the cluster comes out of administrative costs.

Transport claim - separate invoice. Start in Term 4 or are we going to retrospectively complete this.
Trips to be reimbursed up to maximum of $5000 from February. Work collaboratively to get the dates - Wendy to collate.

289 @$256 (cash or kind) cluster days for 2010 TRD’s day over the Cluster
2011 - 10% dropped from $74,000 to $67,072
  • Everglade 72
  • Reremoana 54
  • PCS 40
  • Waiuku 58
  • Ramarama 36
John to calculate TRD for 2011 goals

Appraisal Goals

Staff Meetings/PD