Cluster Leadership Meeting ( 17.09.10)

Ensure the wording is correct on the next milestone.
Put in the relevant parts - direct quotes from the ministry doc

Milestone 2 now - straight after we do the variants to re-write?? Same meeting time!!!! Due to Nick November 12th

Evidence needed from each school ( links to wiki, links to blog, photos of inquiry)
Any changes or concerns

Bullet form
Check out the ICT PD online website, have your own password to log in.
Report back on all 5 goals!
Don’t repeat ( state refer to .....)

Email Wendy if you want to contact Nick
Mobile: 021403148

Section A of each goal - CLUSTER GOAL
Maximum of 2 paragraphs
Report just on the goals that are done


You can change any personal, goals,
Change goals, match up success criteria again if need be

Where we break down e-leaders etc, next year 2011 structure, how do we fit PD time for the leadership team, enough time for PD
PD at Summerlands School was a success for leadership team PD.
Do we need to schedule more time for PD, more regular admin time?
Are we making the most of the e-leaders? Stephen’s time and mentoring?
Could be reduce the e-leader meetings?

Key Dates Term 4

Term 4 - Week 2 ( Friday 22nd October)
e-leaders meeting to look at milestone
PCS unable to attend due to School Conference

Term 4 - Week 3 ( Wednesday 27th October)
Nick to visit at each school with Wendy
Nick 45mins at each school, show evidence of Inquiry, meet with e-leaders and DP or Principal

PCS - 8.30 - 9.30am
Reremoana 10.00 - 11.00am
Ramarama - 11.30- 12.30pm
Waiuku - afternoon 1.30pm
Everglade ( Thursday)

Term 4 - Week 3 (Thursday 28th October)
Everglade visit with Nick
1.30 - 3.30pm
Cluster Leadership Admin meeting @ Everglade School

Term 4 - Week 4 ( Wednesday 3rd November)
8.30 - 3.00pm @ PCS
Cluster leadership meeting all day. 5 schools - 5 goals
Ramarama - A
Waiuku - B
Reremoana - D
Everglade -E

Each school to work on each goal ready to share at Week 4 meeting

Term 4 - Week 4 ( Friday 5th November)
e-leaders e-tour
Go to Red Beach conference. e-learning, e-portfolios, student lead learning
$100 per person. Send the e-leaders for the day. ( Alex, Angela, Jennifer) each school to go online to make own booking.

Term 4 - Week 5 ( Wednesday 10th )
Cluster Leadership
This could be a PD time for leadership team.

Term 4 - Week 8 (Monday 29th November)
ALL e-leaders and cluster leadership
10am start, lunch @ PCS
De-brief day and attack calendar for 2011
Bring current staff and any new staff for 2011
Allow 4 people per school
Email Stuart to pop in to visit the wider cluster.
Look at School Survey results at this meeting.

Financials - TERM 4, 2010

Same amount given, no change due to GST.

Send to John an e-leader facilitation invoice by 30th November
John to provide schedule

Go and book conference for next year, using this year’s budget. To send staff, each school to use own budget for release. Each school to decide who is going whether they are e-leaders or not.

4 people at Learning@School* (Rotorua)
$1000 per person including accommodation ($4000)

3 people at Ulearn* ( Christchurch)
$1500 per person including accommodation

* At least one member from school must be represented at BOTH conference from Cluster Leadership Group. This would come from Cluster Leadership PD budget.
* Each school to book own Learning@School for 2011. 23rd - 25th February 2011.

Wendy to look at deal for accommodation by Term 4, 2011. Each school to email Wendy with numbers /room type

e-leaders (2011)
Possibly have a person from each school to present at Learning@School
Do mini workshops to other cluster
Mini conference within the cluster or to other clusters
Getting e-leader to share their skills within the cluster rather than just the school.

Do we use a call back day and get other teachers from other cluster schools to attend a mini conference.??
2011 - 29th July Friday ( Cluster Call back day )

Surveying the Community - discuss at Term 4 meeting

Staff Survey
To be done at the end of term 4 ready for 2011
Each school to complete for Week 7 on Survey Monkey. Rachel to update the survey online.