Wednesday 18 August 2010



Items to consider
Milestone #2 - will we need to schedule extra meetings for this as the deadline draws near
Milestone items
  • Community Survey
  • Teacher Survey (eg Everglade) - to help gauge and inform movement before the next milestone report - Do we redo the teacher baseline survey too?
  • Do we need to redo Student Survey from 2009 (initial contract) re: Goal 1
  • CT rubric -redo early Term 4,
  • Blogs/Wiki - setup/progress/reflection- support needed?
  • Auckland Regional Meeting - scheduled for Sept 16 (Reremoana Day?)
  • eLearning progressions - team to develop, schedule more eLeader admin
  • PD - Speakers - Tony Ryan, Jacqui Sharp
  • Mimio workshop
  • e-asttle course, National standards workshops, bring e-asttle to class
  • Digistore - pathways
  • Do we employ Stephen during the holidays to run some workshops