Cluster Leadership Workshop #1

Present: John Wendy Nathalie Vicky Rachel Heath Nadine Viki Lisa Lynn Pelu
Facilitator: Stephen
Venue: Everglade 9.15am-2.30pm
Date: March 3

1.Cluster 2010 Goals
Review of cluster goals in official contract
· 3 year goals pgs 10-13
· 1st year goals pgs 14-20
· Cluster programme content to be built around these goals
· Goals to be shared with all cluster teachers at Cluster Launch

2.Teacher Inquiry- cycle of inquiry discussed

What are our students learning needs?
What are our own learning needs?
What has been the impact of our changed actions?

· Each teacher to under go a “teacher inquiry”
· It is important that the “teacher inquiry” is tied into the school appraisal process
· This information can be reported on in the milestone report.
· Stephen has template which teachers could use to plan their inquiry focus on
· “Action Plan Template” This template would be kept for teacher/ cluster reflections

3. Cluster Wiki
· Stephen has set up a cluster wiki
· Professional readings / resources will be posted here
· CLT to go onto wiki and inform Stephen that they wish to join the wiki
· Each school logo to go on wiki- email your school logo to Stephen if he hasn’t got it already

· It was agreed that all cluster teachers will be given access to the cluster wiki.
· Date TBA

4. School wiki
· Each school to have their own wiki – e-leaders of each school to set up with Stephen
· All Teachers will be expected to contribute to this wiki (reflections of teacher inquiry)
· Schools to determine how often they will get teachers to contribute / post
5. Challenges/ Barriers
· All CLT members undertook an activity to give Stephen baseline information about skill levels/ barriers
· Discussion around this
5. “Inquiry Learning Process” timeline
· Professional development on the Inquiry process will span the 3 years
( introduce/ trial/ embed)
· The aim is for the process to become sustainable once the cluster has finished
· Each school will develop their own “Model” as we are all at different stages of this already, but CLT and e-leaders will also work on this in cluster workshops as well (Building leadership)
· Questioning and Thinking skills are an important part of this PD

6. CLT Programme

· Professional readings to be set up on Wiki. CLT to have a schedule for these readings- these will be discussed at each CLT workshop and on wiki
Professional reading schedule to be placed on wiki.

· CLT May 5
Each school to give 10 min talk about their current model of Inquiry- eg where is your school at?
Problems/ celebrations???

7. e-leaders network
Session #1
Venue : Reremoana School
Friday Wk 6 March 12 9.15-2.30pm
Everyone to provide own lunch/ drink/ snack

Term 1 e-leaders network
· Everglade x1
· Reremoana x1
· Waiuku x5
· PCS x 2
· Ramarama x2? (TBC)
· Facilitator x1 (Stephen)
· Project director x1 (Wendy)
Note – these numbers may change in Term 2

Agenda Session #1
· Introduce Cluster Goals for 2010 – contract overview
· e-leaders role-An introductory discussion
· Data base of strengths/ weakness
· Contact details
· Survey tool- what is it? How will we administer it?
· Setting up of school Wikis (if not already done)
· Professional Readings schedule

Session #2
Venue : Waiuku School
Friday Wk 8 March 26 9.15-2.30
Everyone to provide own lunch/ drink/ snack

Agenda Session #2

· Focus question for e- tour- discussion /brainstorm
“What practice would you see to show 21st Century learning?”
· School Wikis- how are these progressing?
· Professional reading- discussion around the reading set session #1
· Baseline Survey- review / discuss results from each school survey
· e-leader role- continuing the discussion from session #1

Pelu to arrange transport for this session(mini van from PCS) To advise Wendy when done
Transport for Reremoana x1 PCS x3(includes driver) Everglade x3
Ramarama to provide own transport- 1 claim per school
Pelu to invoice cluster for mini van cost

8. In-school facilitation
Each school to discuss in- school facilitation with Stephen during his first visit
PCS to organize own in school facilitation with Stuart Hale

9. e-tours (e-leaders network) April 30
· Stephen will organize suitable schools to visit during the e-tour day (up to 3 schools)
· Suggested schools -Mission Heights/ Bucklands Beach Intermediate/ Pt England/Summerland
· Wendy to organize transport-eg small bus
· Limit 2x e-leaders from each school
· Project director and facilitator to attend
· All teachers to meet at Everglade and go from there (TBC)
· Lunch to be provided
· e-leaders to be clear about focus question for tour(discussed at session#2)
· e-leaders encouraged to interact with the children they see

10. Cluster Launch-
· Date : Wednesday May 5
· Venue : Everglade School
· Time : 4.00-5.30pm

Suggestions for speakers
· Russell Burt- inspirational speaker “Learning in the 21st Century”theme- e-change
· Helen Renni-Younger from Sunnybrae- junior school teacher with little experience with
e-learning/ICT before involvement in a cluster
· Stephen – introduce our cluster vision/ values/ goals( audio visual/ light and fun ) pg 10-13
Eg “what do we want to achieve?” “what do we believe?”
· MC: Wendy(Project director)

· Each school to send 6-8 photos to Lead school- for use in a slide show during the Launch
· 1-2 landscape shots of school/ environment and the others relating to teaching and learning at your school

· Suggestion of “Spot prizes” to be given away during the event
· Any suggestions for prizes/ sponsors welcomed.

· Wendy to organize catering- quote obtained from Boulevard catering $8.25pp (exc GST)
· This includes plates / serviettes
· Drinks would need to be purchased separately

11. Milestone reporting
· Wendy, Stephen and Viki to investigate baseline surveys and to make selection asap
· Cluster schools to be notified when this is ready
· e-leaders will have instruction on conducting the “baseline survey” at their e-leaders workshop

12. Reflections from Conference
· Please be prepared to share new learning and discuss concepts for further cluster development at next CLT
· These may also be entered onto cluster wiki

13. Cluster Admin
· Financial/ Conference / Invoices
Invoices to be handed in asap for conference expenses( see due date on previous email)
· Contact lists
Wendy to email each school for update information on cluster team
(CLT/ e-leaders)
e-leader / Principal to return information to Wendy asap so lists can be distributed
· Confirmation of Facilitation Calendar
Term 1 & 2 dates confirmed
Table of indicative term allocation to be updated and sent to each school