Cluster Leadership Team Minutes 11.02.10

Present: John Robinson Wendy Cave Viki Holley Lisa Harland Vicky Joplin Rachel Boyd Pelu Leaupepetele Heath McNeil
All schools (including PCS) need to sign a Memorandum agreement
All schools to sign a final contract agreement
(These will be filed with other contract documentation/ correspondence)

PCS will be taking part in Cluster wide facilitation only :
Cluster leadership team meetings
e-leaders network/ workshops
Cluster launch
Final Contract

Financial arrangements
John explained the breakdown of cluster funding/ TRD days/ income/ expenditure
All figures exc of GST
All schools given a copy of this for their reference
PCS: will bill Everglade School (as fund holders) each term for their facilitator- Stuart Hale ( as outlined on financial breakdown pg 4)
Claiming for TRD’s used for either cluster events or in school facilitation(see process on pg4)
Everglade will provide a standardized template for this as (as requested by CLT)

Breakdown of schools TRD use table( clarification)
e-leaders network
2 x e-leaders per school (1x e-lead teacher and 1 extra )
Each school will send 2 e-leaders to these meetings which take place twice a term
(this equates to 4 TRD’s per school per term)

Schools may opt to have more than 2 e-leaders BUT the cluster will only fund 2 per school
At times more than the 2x e-leaders may attend the e-leaders sessions, depending on the session/ agenda etc
2x staff for each school will be funded eg (the main e-lead teacher and 1x extra
Principals and project director may also attend. TRD’s are not funded for principals as no release is required.
Conference details
Breakdown of conference finances discussed
NB: Cluster is funding 1x Principal and 1x e-lead teacher from each school
1x project director
1-2 facilitators ( Stephen / Stuart?)
Pelu to check if Stuart is going to be attending as part of their school or if working at conference

Accommodation / food
Maximum Allowance of up to $550 for each funded attendee
Tue evening meal- not funded by cluster- everyone to make own arrangements
All breakfasts (Wed Thur Frid will be funded)
Dinner- Wed evening (funded) – “Cluster get together” at main house
“Fenton Lodge” 313 Fenton Street
Casual get together evening- everyone to organise their own meal/ drinks
(eg Pizza / fish’n chips/ Chinese/ Thai etc ) and come along and enjoy getting to know each other!
(Time to be confirmed later)
Thursday evening –Conference dinner
Wendy and Rachel organizing 2x tables for our group(funded/ registration fee)
Ramarama and PCS to send Rachel (Waiuku) their attendees user names & passwords so dinner registration can be done asap

NB : Attendees to keep ALL RECEIPTS for funded meals and give to Principals.
Accomodation Details
PCS / Ramarama/ Reremoana to send Wendy the name and contact details of their accommodation so a central list can be made.
Cluster to pay for 1x vehicle per school (seating up to 4 passengers)
Maximum claim will be $330 ( 1 x claim per school)
Principals/ e-leaders to send Wendy a copy of their teams breakout sessions asap so a master list can be made

Conference address
Learning@School10 ( 24-26th February) will be held across eight venues in central Rotorua. All venues are within a few minutes' walking distance of the Rotorua Energy Events centre. Buses will be provided for delegates going to The Novotel and Rydges Hotels

Individual maps for each venue will be available in the conference handbook.
Venues for Learning@School 2010 are:
Main venue
Learning@School 2010 will be held at the Energy Events Centre, a venue near the museum in the Government Gardens. It is close to the city centre, historic parts of Rotorua, the lakefront, and many hotels and motels. Keynotes, the exhibition hall, all meals (including the conference dinner), registration, and some breakouts will all the held at the Energy Events Centre. We will also use some of the rooms at the Rotorua Convention Centre and several other nearby venues. Buses will also take you to the Novotel Hotel venues
Other venues involved:
**Rotorua Energy Events Centre**
· **Te Runanga Tea House**
· To find out where your breakout sessions are being held go to
Learning@School 2010Learning@School 2010Learning@School 2010www.learning@school.co.nz
*view breakouts
* more info
It will expand the breakout description and tell you the name of the hotel (in abbreviated form ) and the appropriate room
If I’ve missed anything I will be in touch!